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The law dealing with work injury claims in Australia is complex and confusing due to the interaction between statutory ‘Workers Compensation’ and common law damages relating to a ‘Workplace Accident’ that can in certain circumstances be claimed to top up the amount of statutory damages paid under the Workers Compensation rules. If the wrong decision is taken at an early stage it may preclude the opportunity to claim common law damages which often amount to tens of thousands of dollars. If you are an employee considering a compensation claim you would be well advised to seek professional advice from a specialist work injury claim solicitor as soon as possible and certainly prior to making a claim for Workers Compensation. Our solicitors offer free advice with no further obligation. Our work injury solicitors will review your case at no charge and advise you of our opinion on liability and the amount that we estimate that you will receive for a work injury claim. Our solicitors make no charge for this service and you will not be under any obligation to deal with our lawyers.


If you are injured at work as an employee, your claim will be paid by insurers and not by your employer who will not suffer as a result of your claim and will not be able to blame you for costing them money. For a Workers Compensation claim you do not need to prove that your employer has been negligent. If you have suffered personal injury due to negligence you are also entitled to make a claim for workplace accident compensation.

Damages Awards

The aim of a work injury claim for compensation is to put the claimant back into the position that they would have been in had the accident not occurred. This is a very difficult proposition to satisfy as financial remuneration can never properly compensate for physical injury. Damages awards fall into two main categorise being items that can be calculated with a degree of mathematical accuracy and those items that must be assessed either by use of a tariff table or after consideration by a judge using skill and experience, coupled with consideration of previously decided legal cases. Items that can usually be included in a work injury claim include:-

  • loss of earnings/wages
  • hospital expenses
  • medical expenses
  • travelling expenses
  • rehabilitation expenses
  • lump sum payment for permanent injury
  • common law damages

Undue Influence

You may find that after an accident you come under pressure from either your employer or their insurance company to sign paperwork however you should resist signing anything until such time as you have had the opportunity to take qualified legal advice. A work injury claim solicitor will be able to ensure that you do not sign away your legal rights to compensation and will ensure that you maximise your claim.

Work Injury Solicitors

Our work injury claim solicitors are completely independent of employers and insurers. If you have been inured at work or you are suffering from an industrial disease or illness you may be entitled to claim compensation. The compensation that you are entitled to depends on the state or territory where the injury or occupational disease occurred and the date upon which the damage was done. The rules and regulations relating to both eligibility and compensation can be complex and it is to your advantage to discuss the matter with a work injury solicitor. For advice at no cost just use the contact form or email or phone the helpline and a qualified solicitor will discuss your matter on the telephone with no charge and no further obligation.

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